Chair of Symbolic Computation
Scientific Papers

Scientific Papers


  • M. Kreuzer, J. Limbeck and H. Poulisse, Rational approximation of border bases, preprint 2014

  • M. Kreuzer and X. Xiu, Non-commutative Gebauer-Möller criteria, 20 p., preprint 2014

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  • F. Kiraly, M. Kreuzer and L. Theran, Dual-to-Kernel Learning with Ideals, preprint 2014 (9 pages)


  • M. Beck, H. de Meer, M. Kreuzer and S. Schuster, Estimating photo-voltaic power supply without smart metering infrastructure, in: S. Klingert, X. Hesselbach-Serra, M. Perez Ortega and G. Guliani, Energy Efficient Data Centers: Second Int. Workshop E2DC 2013, LNCS, Springer Verlag, Heidelberg 2013, 15 p. (to appear)

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  • A.V. Geramita and M. Kreuzer, On the uniformity of zero-dimensional complete intersections, J. Algebra 391 (2013), pp. 82-92

  • B. Fine, M. Kreuzer and G. Rosenberger, Free Polynomial Algebras and Magnus's Freiheitssatz, 8 p., preprint 2013


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